The Old Folks Home Assignment- Part 1

As Agent 69 enacts the autopilot framework, his brain meanders to a rarely visited, and all around disguised piece of his memory banks. I trust that I never get a task that arrangements with them, he contemplates internally as he imagines his main genuine shortcoming. As he does this he gets an extreme erection, in a real sense making his statement. Specialist 69 gets contact from a female employable in the KGB which demands his interesting landing code… “You are a beautiful lady” Agent 69 reacts as he can’t remove his psyche from the lady’s magnificence, which obviously is his trial of her capacity to oppose his appeal. “Much appreciated, sir, coming from you that truly implies a ton.” she reacts. “Wrong answer specialist.” Agent 69 reacts, and says “My code is Fuck69American69Women69KILF’s69Out”. “Goodness, indeed, sorry 69, you are cleared for landing. I will advise the Cremlin to expect your appearance quickly.” she reacts in a shamed voice. Specialist 69 securely handles his fly, yet at the same time has a hardon, so he pulls his penis up to his stomach and protects it with his wasteband, so ladies would not gaze at his great part and in this manner recall his face.

Specialist 69 continually needing to test his capacities finds an intricate way of accessing the Cremlin to be advised on his new Red Alert Assignment. The higher ups are consistently anxious to quit for the day security breaks, so each time, it is more enthusiastically for Agent 69 to get entrance. “Ok, Agent 0069, good to see you are up to your old “stunts” still”, a concealed man on a divider mounted TV screen welcomes. Specialist 69 gestures and stops to kiss the hands of the female agents in the room. “Lets get down to it,” Agent 69 requests, “I have a few significant dates to keep around evening time.” The female specialists blush and stare at the super covert operative. The veiled man starts: “This activity will be known as GreyGoose. We have gotten significant intel that the CIA has started the formation of supersoldiers that are outfitted with Mini Nuclear Bomb launchers, which as you may expect, topped our advantage. The Americans are said to have made a model, which is your objective. Enter the office, recover any data you can, and secure the model for heli-vac. This is the place where the activity gets weird, the office containing the CIA model gives off an impression of being concealed in a nursing home, in California. We have no justifiable excuse to trust that there will be a lot of opposition from the representatives of the office, and it seems the patients at the nursing home are typical old timer, however a greater part of them are ladies.” There is a slight respite and afterward the covered man inquires, “Do you have any inquiries, specialist?” “No sir, a couple o…ooo…ld… (he makes a sound as if to speak) old american grannies shouldn’t be a very remarkable issue,” Agent 69 reacts in his typical careless voice.

In the KGB research labs, Agent 69 is educated regarding the new devices he will have available to him during this mission. Specialist 69 was diverted, an anxiety that he had not felt in at some point was by and by getting to him. “Damn it” he shouted in the weapons lab, and one of the lab specialists came over and saw he had a gigantic erection and inquired “are you OK specialist 69?” “Fine, much obliged, kindly burden these into my stream.” he reacts.

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